International School of Nursing offers career development and employment assistance to all students and graduates. A team of Career Service experts is available to help you learn valuable job-searching skills and obtain employment in your chosen area.

International School of Nursing is committed to helping our students find career opportunities that achieve their goals. We also work hard to provide the employers we serve with the highly qualified and motivated employees they demand.

Employment Assistance

The Career Services team provides the following services to students and graduates:

  • Career development instruction throughout your program
  • Job readiness workshops and classroom presentations
  • Guidance in preparing cover letters, resumes and thank-you letters
  • Advice on follow up to applications, resumes and interviews
  • Instruction on job search strategies
  • Assistance with portfolio development when needed
  • Advice on networking and building industry contacts
  • Ongoing career coaching, before and after graduation
  • Job referral and interview scheduling
  • Practice interview sessions
  • On-campus career fairs and community hiring events
  • Provide job leads


International School of Nursing cannot guarantee employment, our Career Services team is dedicated to providing job search resources, support and guidance to all motivated students and graduates. The better the partnership between the graduate and career services, the better the outcome and success in finding a job.