The Sterile Processing Technician program near me consists of 86 hours of theory, 34 hours of skills lab, and 200 hours of clinical externship. The curriculum is designed to provide qualified individuals an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills, which will enable them to become safe and competent Sterile Processing technicians.

The classroom at Sterile Processing Technician Schools Near Me instruction consists of 86 hours of theory and 34 of skills lab, where the students’ knowledge and skills are developed in the following areas: medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, infection control and prevention, government regulations and standards, instrument identification, decontamination and cleaning, sterilization, packaging and storage, inventory management, quality assurance, and safety. Clinical externship consists of 200 hours of hands-on training where the students learn to decontaminate and sterilize instruments, medical supplies, equipment; sort mismatched sets of instruments, trays, and medical equipment: perform the sterilization of endoscopic instruments; examine, test, and maintain certain items such as autoclaves; maintain clean work area.
After completion of the Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program near me of 86 hours theory, 34 hours of skills lab, and the 200 hours of clinical externship, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion. International School of Nursing is a private institution, approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, meeting compliance with state standards.

The Sterile Processing Technician Training Program at the International School of Nursing will enable the graduate to take the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) Exam or International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) Exam.


The course is also divided into 2 components: |Theory 86.0 Hours| Clinical 200.0 Hours|