ducation is the heart of success. It paves the way 
            to accomplish the endeavor that has no measure.
It enhances the talents and skills of individuals who want to achieve their goals. International School of Nursing is dedicated in preparing and training our students to become efficient and effective members of the health care team.
Our school is determined to promote the highest level of education in developing an individual to become a
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), and Sterile processing Technician (SPT) based on the guidelines set forth by regulation.
The curriculum will allow personal growth for each student to meet the changing needs of the community it ultimately serves.
We Offer Many Classes to Meet Your Busy Schedule!
Enroll Now for CNA & HHA Classes
     C.N.A. Day Class and Evening Class
     C.N.A. Weekend Classes (Sat. & Sun. only)
     Home Health Aide (HHA) (40 hrs., 1 Week)
     Sterile Processing Technician (SPT)
Now Accepting Applications
an exciting and stable career
New classes start each month.
There is a limit of 15 students per class
in the C.N.A. program..

Comprehensive training to develop the
skills to become a
Sterile Processing Technician
Are you already a C.N.A.?
Do you want a bigger paycheck?
Become a Home Health Aide with this
40-hour course (5 Days)
This class will give you the extra
knowledge to take the next step and
provide home health care.
Become a Certified Nursing Assistant!
Join Health Care Professionals and
become a Certified Nursing Assistant
in just over 4 weeks! Our course
prepares you to take the State Board
Day, Evening, and Weekend Classes
are available
Flexible Payment Plans
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